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Of Alexander Technique International

Teacher Certification by ATI

ATI places high value on the professional qualifications of its Certified Teaching Members. To that end, its Professional Development Committee has identified criteria for certification, and is continuing to research what constitutes excellence in teaching. Through this certification process, ATI sets standards for competence as it embraces the diversity of approaches to teacher training In addition, ATI has identified a select group of Teaching Members, known as ATI Sponsors, whose responsibility is to determine whether or not a candidate for an ATI Teaching Certificate meets ATI's Criteria.

Becoming an ATI Sponsor

To become part of this select group, individuals are nominated by three other members of the organization. After nomination, the nominees present their qualifications to the ATI membership. After reviewing this information, the full membership votes. To become a part of this select group, the nominated individuals must receive at least 60% of the tallied vote. Members of this group must be reviewed and their selection renewed by the membership every 5 years.

The ATI Certification Process

The ATI Certification Process has two parts: I: Demonstration of Knowledge II: Demonstration of Teaching Skills. The Demonstration of Knowledge has three content areas: Anatomy, Ethics and Alexander's Writings. To receive an ATI Teaching Certificate, Candidates must meet individually with three ATI Sponsors, to demonstrate their knowledge in each of these areas, and to demonstrate their teaching skills. If three duly elected ATI Sponsors each determine that the Candidate has sufficient knowledge and teaching skills to satisfy ATI's Criteria for certification, the Candidate receives an ATI Teaching Certificate. Another committee, the Certification Coordinating Committee, oversees the process to ensure that all requirements are met.

PDF file Sponsor Guidelines | ATIスポンサーのためのガイドライン
PDF file Sponsorship Application Form | ATIスポンサー推薦書
PDF file Sponsor Feedback Form | ATIスポンサー質問票

For Sponsors needing documents for evaluating a candidate and for teaching applicants seeking sponsorship evaluation please refer to and use the following document packet:

PDF file ATI Teaching Membership Package via Sponsorship | ATI認定教師用ATI教師会員申請手続について

To summarize, the organization is based on the membership's trust that if three of these Sponsors say they assess someone as a teacher, then the applicant is designated as a competent teacher. It is further based on the willingness of all its members to accept the standards and mechanisms of certification of the other existing societies, even if those mechanisms differ from ATI's. The members of ATI agree to extend an informed trust to all parts of the Alexander profession.


ATI Criteria for Evaluating the Competencies of Teachers

In order to be eligible for certification by Alexander Technique International, teacher-candidates should be of good character, have a clear understanding of the Alexander Technique concepts and principles and have the basic skills to convey these concepts and principles clearly to a pupil.

I. Conduct

A. Demonstrate qualities of patience, compassion, honesty, and respect in interactions with peers and students.  Completion of an Alexander Technique training process shall be considered representation by the candidate’s trainers that the candidate has satisfactorily demonstrated these characteristics of patience, compassion, honesty, and respect in interactions with peers and students, provided the examining teacher sees no evidence to the contrary.

II. Knowledge

A. Demonstrate an embodied understanding of the commonly used Alexander Technique concepts and principles by consciously allowing a positive change in their own psycho-physical coordination, and continue this change throughout any activity in order to improve the quality of their performance. This positive change can be observed as 1) an initial movement of the head in relation to the spine which results in a quality of lengthening throughout the body, allowing the person to respond in a fluid and continually adaptive way to gravity; 2) an enhanced alertness, awareness, fluidity and poise; 3) and a speaking voice that is full, clear, and fluent.

B. Demonstrate a knowledge of Alexander's ideas by discussing their own understanding of the Technique and how Alexander's ideas have influenced their development as a person and a teacher; and suggest what literature (by Alexander or other authors) they would recommend to a pupil and why.

C. Demonstrate an understanding of anatomy and physiology as they relate to human movement and behavior; be able to help pupils understand how mistaken ideas about their structure interfere with their best use; answer pupils' basic questions about anatomy, and refer them to other sources for more detailed answers.

D. Demonstrate an understanding of the ATI Code of Ethics, an appreciation of safety issues, and know when it is appropriate to refer a pupil to another professional.

III. Teaching Skills

A. Demonstrate an ability to clearly and simply communicate and demonstrate the concepts and principles of the Alexander Technique by giving clear demonstrations and verbal explanations that are appropriate to the pupil's learning in the moment; when using hands, to use their hands sensitively and appropriately. Both verbal explanations and any use of hands will allow pupils to effect a positive change in their psycho-physical coordination.

B. Demonstrate an ability to observe themselves while teaching, and later articulate to an observer the choices they made with regard to using their hands, verbal explanations and physical demonstrations.



Current ATI Sponsors

Country Sponsor Name and Address Telephone
AUSTRALIA (+61) Alan Capel, 29 Nareen Parade, North Narrabeen,
Sydney New South Wales 2101
Email Alan Capel
  Greg Holdaway, Alexander Technique Associates
88 Sinclair Crescent Wentworth Falls NSW 2782
Email Greg Holdaway
CANADA (+1) David Gorman, 19 Stephen Drive,
Etobicoke Ontario M8Y 3M7
Email David Gorman
  Susan Sinclair, 151 Markham Street,
Toronto Ontario M6J 2G4
Email Susan Sinclair
FRANCE (+33) Gilles Estran, 7 rue Jean Achard, Abzac 33230
Email Gilles Estran
  Corinne Mencarelli, 4 Chemin de Mollard Eydoche Isére 38690
Email Corinne Mencarelli
  Catherine Vernerie, Rustrel, France
Email Catherine Vernerie
+33 490049647
GERMANY (+49) Irma Hesz, Karlstrasse 2, Düsseldorf 40210
Email Irma Hesz
ISRAEL (+972) Rivka Cohen, 7 Hanadiv Avenue Haifa 34611
Email Rivka Cohen
  Galit Zeif, Dizengof 190 Tel Aviv-Yafo 61999
Email Galit Zeif
JAPAN (+81) Sakiko Ishitsubo, 1-8-10 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo 141-0021
Email Sakiko Ishitsubo
  Akemi Kinomura, 544 Morishita-cho,
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City 605-0836.
Email Akemi Kinomura
  Junko Nakashiro, 1-7-11 Gakuen-Midorigaoka, Narashi, Naraken
Email Junko Nakashiro
  Eiji Tanimura, 1-8-1 Motomachi Ikomashi Naraken 630-0257
Email Eiji Tanimura
NORWAY (+47) Nigel Hornby, Huitfeldts Gate 8B, Oslo, 0253 Norway
Email Nigel Hornby
+0047 22 43 63 83
SWITZERLAND (+41) Rosa-Luisa Rossi, Im Theodorshof 13,
Rheinfelden 4310, Switzerland
Email Rosa-Luisa Rossi
SOUTH AFRICA Lucia Walker, Johannesburg, South Africa
Email Rosa-Luisa Rossi
+44 7963375809
UNITED KINGDOM (+44) Peter Nobes, South Bank Alexander Centre 27 Blackfriars Road London SE1 8NY
Email Peter Nobes
  Delia Rosenboom, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK
Email Delia Rosenbloom
+44 (0)1342 825031
  Don White, 2A Cultra Station Road, Holywood Co. Down Northern Ireland BT18 0AU
Email Don White
+028 9042 1425
+077 3326 3372
UNITED STATES Deborah Adams, 33A Harvard Street #302,
Brookline MA 02445
Email Debi Adams
  Meade Andrews, 7233 Foxtail Court Lawrenceville NJ 08648
Email Meade Andrews
609 403-8485
  Sarah Barker, 700 Skyland Drive Columbia, SC 29210
Email Sarah Barker
  Jan Baty, 807 Kenyon Lane, Newark, DE, 19711
Email Jan Baty
  Jamee Culbertson, 20 Porter St., Woburn, MA 01801
Email Jamee Culbertson
  Michael D. Frederick, P.O. Box 408,
Ojai, CA 93024
Email Michael D. Frederick
  Robin Gilmore, 1204 Oak Hill Place, #2C,
Annapolis, MD 21403
Email Robin Gilmore
  Martha Hansen Fertman, 14 Prospect Avenue Plainsboro NJ 08536
Email Martha Hansen Fertman
  Robert Lada, 169 Auburn Street,
Cambridge, MA 02139
Email Robert Lada
  Catherine Madden, 11042 27th Avenue NE,
Seattle, WA, 98125
Email Catherine Madden
  David Mills, 6836 21st Ave. NE,
Seattle, WA 98115
Email David Mills
  Melinda Murphy, 281 Apache Street,
Westerville OH 43081
Email Melinda Murphy
  Tommy Thompson, 34 Glendale Road Belmont MA 02478
Email Tommy Thompson
  Nancy Forst Williamson, 8011 Dougan Drive,
Lincoln, NE 68516
Email Nancy Forst Williamson



How to Become a Sponsor

Sponsors are ATI Teaching Members who have been nominated and elected by the membership. These Sponsors have the experience to evaluate the competency and qualifications of those who apply to become teaching members.

Sponsors have had extensive experience in teaching the Alexander Technique in a variety of responsible roles, such as:

  • Directors of Alexander Technique training programs
  • Experienced senior faculty on training courses
  • Experienced in training teachers and very experienced working in private practice.

In October 2000 by vote of the membership, ATI Criteria were created for evaluating the competency of teachers. ATI Sponsors use these criteria to evaluate candidates for ATI certification. The study of the Alexander Technique is a life long process, which is characterized by continual learning, awareness, and self-development. Teachers certified by Alexander Technique International are committed to continually improving their understanding of the Technique and refining their use of the Technique and their teaching skills. These criteria are intended to establish a starting point for beginning teachers. ATI will address the questions of continuing education, re-certification and opportunities for expanding personal and collective knowledge of the Alexander Technique and its teaching at a future date.

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