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ATI Teaching Members for

There are 3 ATI members in District of Columbia

Gabrielle Czaja
Address 1:Washington Health & Healing, Inc.
2141 K Street NW Suite 604
Washington, DC 20037-1810 USA
Day Phone: 1-202-223-4943
FAX: 1-202-223-4947

Ruth Anne Keister
Address 1:Healing Arts of Capitol Hill
320 G Street NE
Washington, DC 20002 USA
Day Phone: 1-202-544-9389 ext. 6

Mary Naden
Address 1:Catholic University
3801 Harewood Road NE
Washington, DC USA
Day Phone: 1-301-588-5809
Cell Phone: 1-301-509-0372

      Second Address
2nd Address: 7417 Piney Branch Road
Takoma Park, MD 20912 USA

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