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ATI Teaching Members for

There are 3 ATI members in Colorado

James Brody
Address 1:235 31st Street
Boulder, CO 80303 USA
Day Phone: 303-492-1641
Night Phone: 303-499-7067

      Second Address
2nd Address: University of Colorado, Boulder
College of Music
Boulder, CO 80309 USA
FAX 2: 303-492-5619

Lenna Kitterman
Address 1:P.O. Box 1395
Palisade, CO 81526 USA
Day Phone: 1-970-270-6191

Julie Rothschild
Address 1:1434 Zamia Ave
Boulder, CO 80304 USA
Day Phone: 1-706-372-4830
Night Phone: 1-706-372-4830

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