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ATI Members in Israel

There are 13 ATI members in Israel

Dina Aldor
Dizengof 190
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6199 Israel
Day Phone: +972-543 04 0088
Michal Alfi
5Hhpoel Hatzair Street, Apt. #1
Givatayim, 5321130 Israel
Cell Phone: 972-54-6738720
Rivka Cohen
7 Hanadiv Avenue
Haifa, 34611 Israel
Day Phone: 04-8342090
Night Phone: 0547-585627
Ravit Dahan
Dizengof 190
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6199 Israel
Day Phone: +972-54 816 8897
Natalie Geva
Kibutz Gaash
, Israel
Cell Phone: 972-5 47357373
Moshe Katzenelson
21 Hatet-Zayin Street
Tel Aviv, 69276 Israel
Cell Phone: 972-54-2460700
Hagay Mayork
Givat Haviva
Menashe L.C., 37850 Israel
Cell Phone: 972-543545637
Matan Rechlis
8/7 Micha Street
Tel Aviv, 6311112 Israel
Cell Phone: 972-54 6681585
Sara Rish
27 Jaboutinsky Street
Tel Aviv, Israel
Day Phone: 972-77-5279343
Cell Phone: 972-52-5543366
Gil Segal
14 Engel Street
Tel Aviv, 6522423 Israel
Day Phone: 972-035754776
Yoav Taler
Shavei Zion #3
Mevaseret Zion, 90805 Israel
Day Phone: +972-54 475 7110
Schachar Vilk
Kibbutz Givat haim Ihud
, 38935 Israel
Cell Phone: 972-050-6399624
Galit Zeif
Dizengof 190
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6199 Israel
Day Phone: +972-52 555 1495

If you wish further information about the Alexander Technique or the process of learning about it please contact one of the teachers on the list. They will be pleased to talk with you and to set up an appointment so you can experience it for yourself. You can reach many members by e-mail directly from the directory listing. Click on the e-mail hyperlink below their name.

All the teachers listed in our database have either been assessed and sponsored by three ATI Sponsoring Members and hence have gained an ATI Teaching Certificate, (click here for information about ATI's certification of teachers), or they have an equivalent teaching certificate from another Alexander Technique professional organization recognized by ATI, or were Teaching Members of ATI prior to November 1993.

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