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ATI Members in France

There are 21 ATI members in France

Lucy Ackroyd
Les Aleis
La Fouillade
Najac, 12270 France
Day Phone: 33-56 529 7630
Mira Adam
Art et vie
9 rue du Capitaine Treilhes
Albi, 81000 France
Day Phone: 33-0674060363
Maryse Berninet
22 rue d'Agen
Bordeaux, 33800 France
Day Phone: 33-
Cell Phone: 33-0673524848
Lucia Carbone
Avenue des Tilleuls
Bonnieux, 84480 France
Day Phone: 33-06-88-36-94-29
Night Phone: 33-04-90-75-90-64
FAX: 33-04-90-75-90-64
Corinne Cassini
13 rte. de la Croix-Picot
Bouchemaine, 49080 France
Day Phone: 33-0241 77 2110
Catherine Cohen-Hadria
Route du Beaucet
Venasque, 84210 France
Day Phone: 33-04-90-66-62-11
Night Phone: 33-04-90-66-61-53
FAX: 33-04-90-66-62-11
Jean-Philippe Costes Muscat
8 rue Geoffroy Saint Hilaire
Paris, 75005 France
Day Phone: 33-(0)6-87-43-86-93
Night Phone: 33-(0)1-45-35-62--38
Françoise Cutivet Jacquier
500 route de Versin
Saint Chef, 38890 France
Day Phone: 33-474800514
Cell Phone: 33-610038986
Gilles Estran
7 rue Jean Achard
Abzac, 33230 France
Day Phone: 33-05-57-49-13-51
Ulrich Funke
29 avenue de la Colonne
Toulouse, 31500 France
Day Phone: 33-05-61-29-01-48
FAX: 33- 05-61-29-01-48
Jacques Gaillard
36 rue Camille Desmoulins
Hellemmes, 59260 France
Clara Gibson Maxwell
27 rue Froidevaux
Paris, 75014 France
Day Phone: 33-(0) 1-45-38-53-96
Night Phone: 33-(0) 1-45-38-53-96
Line Gourgues
22 Cami Dous Peyres
Ouillon, 64160 France
Day Phone: 33-06-33-11-35-81
Christine Hardy
23 rue Basfroi
Paris, 75011 France
Day Phone: 33-01-43-35-10-48
Cell Phone: 33-06-62-84-08-58
Noelle Keruzore
2 allee Alfred de Musset
Thorigne Fd, 35235 France
Cell Phone: 33-06 62 73 21 63
Cloé Le Goïc
Plufur, 22310 France
Day Phone: 33-0296351518
Cell Phone: 33-0634693101
Victoria Leomant
Clairac, Lot et Garonne 47320 France
Day Phone: 33-553 843519
Corinne Mencarelli
6 rue du Pilon
Flachères, 38690 France
Day Phone: 33-06-24-00-24-90
Night Phone: 33-06-24-00-24-90
Email 2:
Xavier Morand
Avenue des Tilleuls
Bonnieux, 84480 France
Day Phone: 33-06-75-23-08-73
Night Phone: 33-04-90-75-90-64
FAX: 33-04-90-75-90-64
Sabine Ricou le Goff
72 Bis Av. De Flandre
Paris, 75019 France
Day Phone: 33-01 42 05 07 56
FAX: 33-06 12 36 05 63
Catherine Vernerie
Rue des Gens
Rustrel, 84400 France
Day Phone: 33-04-90-04-96-72

If you wish further information about the Alexander Technique or the process of learning about it please contact one of the teachers on the list. They will be pleased to talk with you and to set up an appointment so you can experience it for yourself. You can reach many members by e-mail directly from the directory listing. Click on the e-mail hyperlink below their name.

All the teachers listed in our database have either been assessed and sponsored by three ATI Sponsoring Members and hence have gained an ATI Teaching Certificate, (click here for information about ATI's certification of teachers), or they have an equivalent teaching certificate from another Alexander Technique professional organization recognized by ATI, or were Teaching Members of ATI prior to November 1993.

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