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Back Issues Of ATI's Journal With Articles And News

Journal of Alexander Technique International
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Vol. 16 No.2 (June 2008 - 128K) with articles by:
Gabrielle Breuninger, "Remembering Spanish Point"
Amy Yeager
, "Beyond Mind and Body, Part II"

Vol. 16 No.1 (February 2008 - 144K) with articles by:
Tim Brennan, "Walking Through Life With Greater Ease"
Constance Clare-Newman
, "The Alexa

Vol. 15 No.3 (October 2007 - 630K) with articles by:
Amy Yeager, "Beyond Mind and Body: The Radical Notion of Psychophysical Unity, Part I"
Yehezkel Ein-Shay, "Art and Science When Working with the Alexander Technique"

Vol. 15 No.2 (June 2007 - 557K) with articles by:
Barbara Conable, "How to Use Body Mapping in Your AT Teaching"
Amy Yeager, "By All Means: A Process Perspective on Means-Whereby vs. End-Gaining"

Vol. 15 No.1 (February 2007 - 2.22M) with articles by:
Amy Yeager, "A Tale of Two Paradigms: Is Health Something We Have or Something That Happens?"
Barbara Conable, "Happiness and the Alexander Technique"

Vol. 14 No.3 (October 2006 - 341K) with articles by:
Robert Rickover, "Skill and Success: The Careers of Nelly bly and F.M. Alexander"
Michelle Nance, "Heads from Tails: A Study of the Alexander Technique Applied to the Erick Hawkins Approach to Modern Dance"

Vol. 14 No.2 (June 2006 - 156K) with articles by:
Ashley Adams, "The Alexander Technique and Poker "
William Conable, "The Origins and Theory of Body Mapping"
Andrea Matthews, "What Every Teacher Needs to Know: An Interview with Barbara Conable"

Vol. 14 No.1 (February 2006 - 160K) with articles by:
Clara Gibson Maxwell, "Team Teaching The Alexander Technique at My Home State University"
Nayantara Mukherji, "In Practice: A Student’s Semester Summary"
Raewyn Haywood Khosla, "Learning About and Working with Truma in My Alexander Practice: My Experience of Self-Regulation Therapy"
Richard White: Book Review, "The Fairway Within: Golf for the Body Mind and Soul, by Peter Lightbown and Cecilia Croaker"

Vol.12 No.1 (February 2004 - 160K) with articles by:
Rosa Luisa Rossi, "Keynote Address, 11th Annual AGM, Spanish Point, Ireland, October 19-23, 2003"
Glenna Batson, "Three Little Words: Further Thoughts on Marketing the Alexander Technique"
Rachel White, "From the Teaching Studio: A Student’s Report on 'A Technique for Musicians' "
Chodo Mike Cross, "Practicing Detachment: A Short Introduction to the F.M. Alexander Technique for Buddhist Practitioners"
Heidi Evans, "My Search for the Artist, Musician, and Teacher Within: The Coordinate Movement Program"
Gary Adelman, "My ExperienceTeaching Alexander Technique at Princeton"
Seamus Heaney, "Looking Back on AGM 2003"

Vol.11 No.3 (October 2003 - 368K) with articles by:
Carol Levin, "The Dual Members"
Kri Ackers,"Body and Sole: On Orthotic Insolves as a Remedy for Poor Posture"
Abigail Liddell, "I have a Universe"
Andrea Matthews, "Book Review: The Ethics of Touch, by Ben E. Benjamin and Cherie Sohnen-Moe"
Raewynn Haywood, "Book Review: Own Your Health, by Roanne Weisman, with Brian Berman M.D."

Vol.11 No.2 (June 2003 - 340K) with articles by:
Frank Kennedy, "Keynote Address from the 2001 AGM at Spanish Point, Ireland"
David Nesmith, "Ease Performance Anxiety Naturally"
Ariel Weiss Holyst, "Embodying Peace: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique"
L. Paul Geffen, "A Student’s Experience"
Debi Adams, "In Practice: Molly’s Story"

Vol.11 No.1 (February 2003 - 344K) with articles by:
Cathy Madden, "the Great Cauliflower: Keynote Address for the 10th Annual ATI Annual General Meeting"
Carol Levin, "My Review of the 2002 Annual General Meeting"
Raewyn Haywood, "The Discovery of Community"
Special Section – A Sampling of AGM 2002 Workshops:
        Wendy Salkind, "Actors and Their Efforts"
        Robin Gilmore, "Autism, ADHD, and Alexander: A movement Class for Special Needs Children"
        Rita Herzog, "Nonviolent Communication"
        Cathy Madden & Jeremy Chance, "Teacher Training – Different Paradigms"
        Tom Myers, "Anatomy Trains"

Vol.10 No.3 (October 2002 - 268K) with articles by:
Andrea Matthews, "64 Colors"
Glenna Batson, "Children at Risk"
David Horsman, "Rebirth of the Cool"
David Horsman, "Marketing ATI"
Paul J. Meyers, "Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals"
"For the Teaching Studio Wall?" (quotations from The Alexander Technique, by Pedro de Alcantara)

Vol.10 No.2 (June 2002 - 244K) with articles by:
  Robert Rickover, "A 'Stiff-Necked People'"
  Kathleen Morison, "Letting Go With a Difference"
  Jeremy Chance, "In Memoriam: Dr. David Garlick"
  Richard Brennan, 2001 AGM and Conference
  Graham Elliot, Language Panel Report
  Jano Cohen, "Decoding Silence"
  Paul Cook, "The DIRECTION Story"
  Andrea Matthews, "'So...It's Like Yoga?" 

Vol.10 No.1 (February 2002 - 831K) with articles by:
  Jamee Culbertson, "To Cry a Universal Halt"
  Kevin McEvenue, "AT and Focusing"
  Focusing Institute, "What Is Focusing?"
  Christine Ackers, "Sit Happens"

Vol.9 No.3 (September 2001 - 180K) with articles by:
  Robert Rickover, "Learning from Tiger"
  Andrea Matthews, "A Therapeutic Experience, Pt. 2"
  Dalia Geffen, "In Practice"
  Galen Cranz, Excerpt from The Chair
  Teresa Lee, "Introducing ATME"
  Jamee Culbertson, "Mark's Story"
  Gene Donohue, "Powerful Written Goals"

Vol.9 No.2 (May 2001 - 169K) with articles by:
  Richard Brennan, "Life Is Not an Emergency"
  Ralph Caplan, "In Memoriam: Deborah Caplan"
  Jane Kosminsky, "Eulogy for Debby"
  Richard Brennan, 2000 AGM Report
  Douwe Visser, "The Conscious Ear: The Tomatis Method"
  Karen Guertler, "Eschewing Obfuscation"
  Cornelius Reid, "'Voice' as Person"
  Kay Hooper, "Weight & Relaxation at the Piano"
  Andrea Matthews, "A Therapeutic Experience, Pt. 1"

Vol.9 No.1 (January 2001 - 138K) with articles by:
  Berengere Cusin, "Auntie Bea's Recipe for Happiness"
  Graham Elliot, "Thoughts on Languages"
  Tommy Thompson, "Anam Cara"
  Fred Oldfield, "Professional Regulation of AT Teaching in the UK"

Vol.8 No.4 (October 2000 - 177K) with articles by:
  Tommy Thompson: The Teaching of Frank Pierce Jones,
  Robin Gilmore: A Complementary Alternative?

Vol.8 No.3 (July 2000 - 162K) with articles by:
  Andrea Matthews: On Not Having in Order to Have More,
  Peter Grunwald: Eyesight and the Alexander Technique

Vol.8 No.2 (April 2000 - 526K) with articles by:
  Andrea Matthews: On Not Having in Order to Have More,
  Tommy Thompson: Sun and Moon

Vol.8 No.1 (January 2000 - 349K) with articles by:
  Andrea Matthews: Alexander Technique and Aging Well,
  Buzz Gummere: The Weaker Sex?,
  Melanie Tenney: Alexander Technique and Dressage

Vol.7 No.3 (October 1999 - 245K) with articles by:
  Joel Ziff, Power and Intimacy in the Therapeutic Relationship,
  Roberta Hamilton: Prosperity: An Attitude of Gratitude

Vol.7 No.2 (July 1999 - 419K) with articles by:
  Holly Sweeney, Exploring the Alexander Technique: Its Central Hypothesis and Teaching Modalities (part II),
  Raewyn Haywood: Emotion and the Alexander Technique,
  Dan Arsenault, David Arsenault and Jamee Culbertson:
  Getting Started with the Alexander Technique the Hard Way

Vol.7 No.1 (April 1999 - 347K) with articles by:
  Holly Sweeney: Exploring the Alexander Technique: Its Central Hypothesis and Teaching Modalities (part I),
  Bruce Fertman: The River of Direction,
  Tommy Thompson: A Fond Farewell

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