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Alexander Technique International

ATI has offices in 12 countries. If you have questions about ATI, or wish to become a member, please contact the office nearest you:

United States (Main Office):

Linda Hein, Administrative Assistant
E-mail: USA - Main Office
1692 Massachusetts Ave, 3rd floor
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
Tel: +1 888-668-8996 (toll free from Canada and USA),
+1 617-497-5151, fax: +1 617-497-2615



Alan Capel, Australian Regional Coordinator
E-mail: Australia
29 Nareen Parade
North Narabeen
Sydney NSW 2101, Australia
Tel: +61 (0)2-9913-2480



Ursula Zidek, Austrian Regional Coordinator
Zappestrasse 19
4040 Linz, Austria
E-mail: Austria
Mobile: +43 676 3844272



Christine Hardy, French Regional Coordinator
E-mail: France
10 Rue Froidevaux
Paris 75014, France
Tel/fax: +33-01-43-35-10-48



Henrieke Gosch
E-mail: Germany
Yorckstrasse 38
D - 28201 Bremen
Tel: +49 (0)421 55900709



Anita Tósoki, Hungarian Regional Coordinator
E-mail: Hungary
2-12. Horvat u.
Budapest 1027
Tel: +36 20 2099 316




Sakiko Ishitsubo, Japanese Regional Coordinator
E-mail: Japan
1-8-10 kamiosaki
Tel. (day): 81-90-4939-5593
Tel. (night): 3-5422-9383



Stephen Parker, Norwegian Regional Coordinator
E-mail: Norway
Nesttunbrekka 26
Nesttun, 5221 Norway
Mobile: +47-922 42413


Republic of Ireland:

Fiona Cranwell, Irish Regional Coordinator
E-mail: Ireland
62 Broadford Rise
Ballinteer, Dublin 16 Ireland
Tel: +353-087-6503523



Edivia Navarro, Spanish Regional Coordinator
E-mail: Spain
Palma 26. 4º iz
Madrid 28004, Spain
Tel: +34.686.996.180



Rosa Luisa Rossi, Swiss Regional Coordinator
E-mail:  Switzerland
Im Theodorshof 13
4310 Rheinfelden, Switzerland
Tel: +41 61 831 51 19
Mobile: +41 79 655 16 69



Note: To search for a teacher, click here: Find a teacher.  If you wish to receive a printed ATI Teachers List, please send a large stamped addressed envelope (at least 9" x 6" or C5 size) to one of the above addresses.

2012 ATI Board Members

Fiona Cranwell – Chair
Angela Leidig – Assistant Chair
Daniel Bell – Executive Secretary
Robert Lada – Treasurer

Henrieke Gosch – Director
Irene Schlump – Director
Gilles Estran – Director

Joining ATI, General Inquiries, Membership Dues & Inquiries:
Linda Hein, Administrative Assistant

Sponsorship Inquiries:
Nigel Hornby, Chair

ATI Exchange Journal:
MJ Allen, Co-Editor of Exchange
Kathy Privatt, Co-Editor of Exchange

Formal Consensus Planning Committee:
Cathy Madden, Chair

ATI Ethics and Complaints Committee:
Meade Andrews, Co-Chair
Mona Al-Kazemi, Co-Chair

ATI Professional Development Committee:
Catherine Ketterick, Chair

ATI Vision Mission Committee:
Cathy Madden, Chair

ATI International Committee:
Tommy Thompson, Co-Chair
George Prior, Co-Chair

ATI Communications Committee:
RJ Fleck, Co-Chair
Monika Grosse, Co-Chair

ATI Membership Committee:
Daiju Yokeo, Chair

Inquiries or feedback about these web pages contact:
Linda Hein, Administrative Assistant

E-mail: USA - Main Office
1692 Massachusetts Ave, 3rd floor
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

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