Site and Lodging


The HEOB offers one and two bedroom accommodations which also includes 3 meals a day on site. Visit the HEOB website for more information, or book a room by emailing (charges must be paid in cash or EU Card, as American Credit Cards are not accepted).

5 Days (Su-Th):
€195 per person (pp) sharing a double room
Single Rooms: €232,50 per person

Additional Days (with breakfast):
€25 per person (pp) sharing a double room
Single Rooms: €35 per person
Additional meal: €8

Please email the following information to to make a booking:

Booking dates (for example, from 28.10 to 1.11)
Whenther you are Double or Single rate (€195 / €232,50 pp)
Include extra requests – for example: Extra Day(s) with breakfast (€25/€35) (27.10. or 26.10) (dinner extra €8)

Do you need help?
Questions about travelling and accommodation, please mail to Jan Seeber (german site coordinator):

For Your Travels

If you come by airplane, you can use the following airports:

Airport Frankfurt/Main FRA (Germany); distance by train 4:30 hours (costs ca. 100,- Euro single fair)

Airport Hannover HAJ (Germany); distance by train 4 hours (costs ca. 50,- Euro)

Airport Hamburg HAM (Germany); distance by train 4:30 hours (costs ca. 45,- Euro)

Airport Amsterdam Schiphol AMS (Netherlands); distance by train 4:20 hours (costs ca. 35-55,- Euro)

If you use the train trip planner, use this names for the starting station:

Flughafen Frankfurt for Airport Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

Flughafen Hannover for Airport Hannover (Germany)

Flughafen Hamburg for Airport Hamburg (Germany)

Amsterdam Flughafen for Airport Amsterdam Schiphol (Netherlands)

Train Trip Planner

You can find the train connection to Papenburg with this button: (please enter date as dd/mm/yyyy) - trip planner

Savings fare | Travelling | BahnCard

From the Railwaystation Papenburg/Ems to the AGM-Location (HÖB) there is a shuttle-service. It costs ca. 8,-€ und is booked by either telephone: +49 (0) 4961-97880 or via email to: announcing the arrival time.

If you arrive by car, here you find Google Maps

Help Desk

If you have trouble while traveling to the AGM, you can give us a call and we will do our best to help you:

International: +49 175-344 735 0
In Germany: 0175-344 735 0